2020 NPF Consultation: A Green Economic Recovery

2020 NPF Consultation: A Green Economic Recovery”

In response to the Labour Party's call for National Policy Forum submissions, the Labour Campaign for Human Right have submitted the following document on “A Green Economic Recovery”.

We answer the following fundamental questions:

  1. What sectors do you believe are the priorities for investment from government, for a green recovery programme to build a stronger, more resilient future economy? How can this investment reduce regional inequalities as well as address the climate crisis and environmental degradation? And what science and technologies do we need to invest in?
  2. How do we support people who have lost employment during this crisis to move into environmental growth sectors? How can we ensure that such jobs are decently paid, with quality training, and offer representation by trade unions? What lessons can be learned from past programmes current support and international examples?
  3. How should sector-specific support for business during this crisis be used to both protect and promote employment and to pursue our climate and nature objectives?
  4. What is the scope for redeploying people from industries which are facing crisis? What are the models of retraining and support which should be examined? Do you know of examples of programmes which have been effective in enabling redeployment; and what can we learn from programmes that have not been effective?
  5. Given the regional and area-based impacts of this crisis, what role can a green recovery play in mitigating these impacts? What are the lessons of past environmental interventions in terms of local and regional impacts?
  6. How can we help existing businesses, including SMEs, to adapt as a result of the crisis, including through measures for a green recovery? How can these measures be allied to the improvement of productivity and viability for these companies?
  7. How can measures you are proposing in this recovery and renewal period improve quality of life—for example around walking, cycling and public transport, and improving access to nature? What habitats are you especially concerned about and want to see more support for and focus on?