2020 NPF Consultation: Protecting the natural environment after coronavirus

2020 NPF Consultation “Protecting the natural environment after coronavirus”

In response to the Labour Party's call for National Policy Forum submissions, the Labour Campaign for Human Right have submitted the following document on “Protecting the natural environment after coronavirus”.

  1. We answer the following fundamental questions:
  2. What environmental conditions should be attached to government support for business during and after the coronavirus crisis?
  3. How can national, devolved and local government most effectively redeploy workers to “shovel-ready” green infrastructure projects such as renewables construction, nature conservation and home insulation?
  4. What economic reforms and fiscal incentives should the government introduce to ensure that the post-crisis economy is a sustainable one?
  5. What new environmental protections should we be pushing for post-Brexit?
  6. How can we promote greater sustainability in land use and farming practices?