Happy Human Rights Day!

Happy Human Rights Day from all at the Labour Campaign for Human Rights!

Last month, our Chair, Matthew Turner, and Vice Chair, Alannah Travers, were delighted to be joined by our Advisory Group member Professor Francesca Klug to discuss the history of the campaign for the Human Rights Act and the Labour Party's role in establishing the Act. ⚖️

​A renowned human rights academic, Francesca was one of the people who played a key role in advising the Labour Government on the Act. Our conversation covered the organisations and individuals calling for an Act and how human rights sit with Labour values and the history of the Labour Party.

If you'd like to find out more about how ​the Labour Party came to adopt the Human Rights Act and the form it took - along with our fears for the current situation under the Conservatives - you can watch the full recording here! 👇

Happy Human Rights Day!

Francesca recommends a series of great resources in the discussion, which we link at the bottom of the description.


We hope you enjoy the recording and would love to hear your thoughts!