Introducing: Human rights on the doorstep

Introducing: Human rights on the doorstep

Today the Labour Campaign for Human Rights is launching a pamphlet aimed at identifying the best way to defend human rights against Tory attacks. It is called Human rights on the doorstep. It provides an overview of the strongest arguments for building public support for human rights and examines the question of reform.

As our pamphlet argues, to push back against negative perceptions we must speak about the example Britain sets to the rest of the world with its human rights record, emphasise that human rights are compatible with longstanding British traditions, and most importantly celebrate the myriad of ways human rights help ordinary people on a daily basis. 

Labour should also engage with the dissatisfaction of some voters surrounding human rights. Of course, LCHR believes the priority should be to defend the existing framework. But if reform is seen as unavoidable, we believe there are options that could strengthen rather than undermine human rights.

The pamphlet examines contentious reform proposals like a Bill of Rights and reforming the European Court of Human Rights. It also looks at the possibility of adding new rights to the Human Rights Act and extending its scope to cover the private sector. 

If you have any comments about the pamphlet, do not hesitate to contact LCHR’s Chair at [email protected].