Introducing LCHR’s Honorary President – Lord Judd

Lord Judd

Labour Campaign for Human Rights | August 22, 2013

The Labour Campaign for Human Rights is delighted to announce that Labour peer and distinguished human rights advocate, Lord Judd, is to serve as our honorary president.

Lord Judd was Director of Oxfam from 1985 to 1991, and is a former Member of Parliament, Minister for Overseas Development, and Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He has also served as a member of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.

In a message to LCHR activists, Lord Judd said “Human rights and social justice are central to the cause of democratic socialism.  Nationally and internationally they are vital to ensure stability and security.  Dangerous and sinister pressures constantly seek to undermine or marginalise them.  It is therefore essential to have a growing number of Labour Party members who are determined to prioritise and strengthen them in all aspects of foreign and domestic policy.  Hence the urgent need for this campaign.”

LCHR is proud to have Lord Judd’s support and grateful for the opportunity to benefit from his exceptional experience and knowledge of human rights issues.

Lord Judd’s own advocacy for better regulation of drones, stronger controls over the arms trade, and protection of civil liberties has been an inspiration to LCHR’s founding members. We look forward to working with him on these and other vital concerns in the coming months.