Launch of pocket-sized guide for activists

Guide for activists

Last year we published our pamphlet aimed at identifying the best way to defend human rights against Tory attacks called Human Rights on the Doorstep. Today we have launched a shorter, quick guide that activists can carry with them to defend the Human Rights Act on the doorstep.

The two-page guide includes a fact-check on what human rights are, making the case for human rights, some case studies which show why the Human Rights Act is needed and how to tackle human rights myths.

This will enable activists to engage with voters on human rights issues and to push back against negative perceptions. It is important to explain to voters that our human rights laws reflect centuries of British values and that the Human Rights Act protects thousands of people every day. This will help to demonstrate why the party is backing the Human Rights Act.

If you have any comments about the guide, do not hesitate to contact LCHR’s Director at [email protected]