LCHR needs your help

LCHR needs your help

Dear friends,

The result of the general election has been hard for us all. Many excellent Labour candidates have lost out on a place in Parliament. The policies we voted for and invested our hopes in will not be implemented. For human rights, the situation is precarious. The Conservatives are intent on using their majority in Parliament to scrap the Human Rights Act and expand mass surveillance powers with a new Snooper’s Charter.

We need your help to stop them. Over the next few weeks and months the fight will be on to save the Human Rights Act and stop the expansion of mass surveillance powers. With your help, LCHR will be leading that fight.

Please consider donating £10 to LCHR to help us win this fight. You can donate online by clicking here. Without funding, our hands our tied. We rely on your donations to lobby MPs, hold events, and develop new policy ideas for protecting human rights. It is vital that we can play an active role and champion your voice in the difficult days ahead. Please consider helping us to do that.

Thank you,

Andrew Noakes