Statement: Violence in Israel and Palestine

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We condemn the violence taking place in Israel and Palestine.

The forced evictions in Sheikh Jarrah by Israeli settlers are unacceptable, as is the Israeli government’s decision to continue settlement expansion in Givat HaMatos and the Har Homa E area of the occupied West Bank. These moves are a violation of the rights of Palestinians and of international law.

We also condemn the brutal treatment of peaceful protesters in East Jerusalem and worshippers at the al-Aqsa mosque. These acts follow a long pattern of systematic violence and use of excessive force by Israeli security forces.

There have been a number of worrying developments in Gaza and we condemn both the firing of rockets by Hamas, and Israel's use of explosive weapons in civilian areas. According to reports, 2 Israelis and 28 Palestinians - including 9 children - have been killed. There must be an immediate end to this violence.

We call on all Labour Party MPs to publicly condemn the violence and human rights abuses. Labour must also urge the government to ban arms sales to Israel, and uphold the leadership’s pledge of reviewing all UK arms sales, to “make us a force for international peace and justice.”