The Labour Party Manifesto on Human Rights

The Labour Party Manifesto on Human Rights

Labour Campaign for Human Rights | December 10, 2019

Human rights are crucial to living in a civilised society- and key in this election. You may think that human rights is only about international issues that are not very relevant to you.

But that’s absolutely not true. Human rights encompass many of your social rights as well, rights have been sorely neglacted by the Conservative party for the last ten years.

The Labour Campaign for Human Rights has put together a comparison chart of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat manifestos, to show you policy by policy why Labour is the only party that will always protect and respect our human rights.

Our social rights include:

  • Education
  • Food
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Work

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Our social rights are our human rights; and the outcome of this election is crucial in deciding whether we make social rights a priority, or continue to let them decline.

Boris Johnson’s views on human rights are reckless and dangerous, both at home and abroad. The Conservatives have decimated the NHS and if they win this election, so many of our rights — from workers’ rights to women’s rights and everything in between — will be under threat.

A Johnson government would not hesitate to turn back the clock on human rights progress — and even go so far as to repeal the Human Rights Act.

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