About us

Labour Campaign for Human Rights

LCHR believes that human rights are core Labour values. Our campaigns aim to foster debate and discussion within the Party about human rights and ensure they remain at the heart of Labour’s policy and practice.

Our main activities are:

Discussion: through events, blogs, social media, advocacy, and campaigning, LCHR serves as a forum and platform for Labour members and others who have an interest in human rights. We foster dialogue between civil society, academia, the public, and the Labour Party on human rights issues.

Advocacy: the group engages with Labour Party policy and Labour politicians to ensure that human rights are at the heart of Labour’s foreign and domestic policy agendas.

Policy work: LCHR generates policy proposals for the Labour Party that ensure the protection and promotion of human rights.

Information: We bring human rights issues closer to Labour MPs by facilitating contact with human rights defenders and providing information on human rights concerns.

Public, grassroots campaigning and awareness raising: the group raises the profile of human rights issues in the wider Party, including in CLPs and Labour student groups, by holding local events connecting local Labour MPs, civil society, and members, and by encouraging Labour members to take up human rights issues with their MPs.

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