Honorary President - Lord Dubs

Lord Dubs is a Labour politician and leading refugee rights advocate. He was MP for Battersea 1979-1987, during which time he served for four years as a shadow Home Office Minister.

After leaving the Commons in 1987, he became the Director of the Refugee Council and was appointed as a Labour life peer in 1994.

In 1997, after Labour’s election victory, he was appointed as a Minister in Northern Ireland where he served until the establishment of a new devolved administration following the Good Friday Agreement.

In 2016, he sponsored an amendment (which later became known as the “Dubs Amendment”) to the Immigration Act 2016, to offer some unaccompanied refugee children stranded in camps in Europe safe passage to Britain, having himself arrived in Britain in 1939 as a six-year-old refugee fleeing the Nazis in Czechoslovakia.

He currently serves on the Joint Committee on Human Rights. He also serves on the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly and on the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly. He continues to campaign on human rights and specifically on behalf of refugees.

“Human rights are the foundation of any fair society. They uphold each and every person's ability to live freely, and without fear.

Yet our rights are under attack - from venomous language toward refugees to the stifling of our right to protest. Now is a crucial moment for us as a party to speak up.

Labour Party members must have the tools to hold those taking away our rights to account. This is why the Labour Campaign for Human Rights is essential.”