Campaign for Social Rights

The Labour Campaign for Human Rights is urging the next Labour government to deepen its commitment to social justice by introducing a Social Rights Bill that enshrines into law our rights to education, food, health, housing and work.

What are your social rights?
The Right to Food 🍲
Enshrining this in law could require the government to halt the dramatic cuts to social security that have resulted in families going hungry and being forced to rely on food banks. Future governments would be bound to make sure people could afford to buy food, or be compelled to provide it via a safety net if people are unable to feed themselves.
The Right to Housing 🏡
This would challenge practices such as ‘no-fault evictions’ that often force private renters from their homes, while ensuring minimum standards and accountability to residents could perhaps have prevented the tragedy of Grenfell Tower.
The Right to Health 🚑
This could require the government to adequately fund the health system and tackle the social determinants of health inequalities that have meant that life expectancy has stalled or declined in many parts of the UK. It would help protect our NHS.
The Right to Work 🖥️
This would help bring the UK employment law into line with European and global standards relating to pay, conditions and the right to organise collectively.
The Right to Education 📚
Strengthening this could defend our education from government cuts, and help protect schools being forced to close early just to save money. It would also act as an important building block towards Labour’s commitment to create a unified National Education Service (NES) that gives all children the best chance in life.
Find out more about why enshrining your economic, social and cultural rights is so important here.

What can you do to help?

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