Britain and her allies

Preventing Mass Atrocities

From responding to war crimes in Ukraine to the ‘re-education’ camps in China, a new approach is needed for the UK to respond to some of the world’s the most shocking crimes.

For the UK to truly champion international justice, it is vital that we have a clear and strategic approach to tackling the atrocity crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes. Recent governments have failed to develop a coherent UK response to these crimes. Time and again, the UK public hears of unspeakable crimes being committed against people around the world, but the UK’s potential to act is rarely utilised to its fullest extent. As we approach the next General Election, Labour must commit to a new plan for identifying, preventing, and responding to mass atrocities.

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Business, Environment and Human Rights

Whether manufactured by people working in conditions of forced labour or made with resources gathered through unsustainable and damaging means, many of the products we use have a harmful footprint. It is wrong that UK business funds exploitative labour and damaging environmental practices, whether knowingly or not.

Fifty million people globally are estimated to be living in modern slavery. Powerful countries like China are credibly considered to employ state-backed forced labour programmes. Meanwhile, the world's 3,000 largest corporations cause over 2.2 trillion dollars in environmental damage annually. The UK cannot stand by and allow these abuses to continue.

We are calling on the Labour Party to commit to a Business, Human Rights and Environment Bill to legally compel business to identify and mitigate human rights and environmental abuses within their supply chains.

Campaign for Social Rights

Campaign for Social Rights

We are urging the next Labour Government to deepen its commitment to social justice by enshrining into law our rights to education, food, health, housing and work.