A collection of articles published by – or referencing – LCHR

May 2021

The Big Issue - The roots of the impending eviction crisis are clear

April 2021

Tribune - Covid-19 Proved that Homelessness Could Be Ended

February 2021

LabourList - The genocide amendment offers MPs the chance to define what the UK stands for

The Times - MPs must back the genocide amendment to oppose the oppression of the Uighurs

December 2020

LabourList - The history of the Human Rights Act, in conversation with Francesca Klug

The Times - There should be no place for food banks in modern Britain

July 2020

Byline Times - Where is Kajol? Bangladesh's Suppression of Freedom of Expression Continues

Fair Observer - China Continues Its Persecution of Uighur Muslims

May 2020

Fair Observer - Missing Bangladeshi Journalist Has Been “Found” — Now He Must Be Freed

April 2020

LabourList - There’s an awareness campaign. What now for victims of domestic abuse?

inews.com - Domestic violence is increasing - Government must mention helplines in the daily coronavirus briefing

Fair Observer - Another Journalist Disappears in Bangladesh

March 2020

BBC Radio 4 - Moral Maze: Profiling, Safety and Trust

February 2020

Netra - A new relationship prioritising human rights

January 2020

Left Foot Forward - Trading diplomacy: Why is Britain silent on a growing human rights crisis in Bangladesh?

December 2019

LabourList - A Tory majority would destroy our human rights

Fair Observer - In Britain’s Election, the Future of Human Rights Is at Stake

September 2019 

LabourList - To achieve social justice, Labour’s manifesto must embrace social rights

Morning Star - Queues at foodbanks and hungry children: why we need a ‘Right to Food’

July 2019

The Law Society Gazette - Labour urged to ‘step up and defend legal aid legacy’

Left Foot Forward - LCHR urges Labour Party to commit to a fully-funded legal aid system

LabourList - The right to justice is a human right that the Labour Party must defend

The Independent - If Labour treated its antisemitism crisis like the human rights injustice it is, it could end the discrimination

June 2019 

The Times - Tony Blair was wrong to brand lawyers fat cats, says ally

May 2019 

The Law Society Gazette - Falconer: my ‘regret’ over Labour’s effort to curb legal aid budget

The Times - Legal aid reforms have been an abject failure

LabourList - Labour’s answer to violent crime: the right to economic justice

March 2019

The Times - Protests by parents must not be allowed to turn the clock back on LGBT rights

February 2019

LabourList - Labour Campaign for Human Rights: Introducing ‘Britain and Her Allies’

December 2018

The Guardian - Britain’s long tradition of respect for human rights is under threat

November 2018

The Times - Britain has overlooked Saudi Arabia’s transgressions for too long

July 2018

LabourList - How the Tory threat to our human rights remains all too real

Left Foot Forward - Could Labour sue the government?

July 2017

Progress Online - Is Prevent Working?

April 2017

Progress Online - Time to get off the fence on freedom of movement

March 2017

Left Foot Forward - Treating refugees like burdens is folly – we should support their aspirations

Progress Online - Calling time on the Prevent strategy

February 2017

Left Foot Forward - One day without us: Britain should lead the way by giving EU nationals the right to stay

October 2016

Left Foot Forward - It’s unpatriotic to exempt British soldiers from the European Convention on Human Rights

September 2016

Progress Online - Caring for Calais

May 2016

Left Foot Forward - The Tory surveillance bill would make Putin proud

April 2016

Left Foot Forward - Is Theresa May willing to trade human rights for Tory leadership?

February 2016

New Statesman - Mass surveillance doesn’t work – it’s time to go back to the drawing board

Left Foot Forward - Human rights are more likely to come from the EU than the Tories

Left Foot Forward - Why Labour must promote ethical business

January 2016

Left Foot Forward - Is mass surveillance really the answer to our terrorism fears?

Left Foot Forward - Why human rights activists need to be better at marketing

September 2015

Left Foot Forward - Labour must support judicial warrants for surveillance

Left Foot Forward - How UK taxpayers are funding executions in Iran and Pakistan

August 2015

Progress - Evicting failed immigrants is an attack on human rights

June 2015

Left Foot Forward - Trade Union Bill: another calculated attack on workers’ rights

April 2015

Left Foot Forward - Access to justice should be an election issue for Labour

Progress - Why Labour is the party for LGBT rights

Left Foot Forward - Labour Manifesto 2015: a human rights scorecard

March 2015

Progress - Scrapping the HRA is another coalition attack on women

LCHR Blog - Rifkind’s resignation could herald a new era for parliamentary oversight

Left Foot Forward - The ISC’s new report on mass surveillance is a missed opportunity

January 2015

Left Foot Forward - Theresa May’s counter-productive counter-terrorism bill

Progress - Our human rights are not political props

November 2014

LabourList - Why surveillance matters for Labour

October 2014

Progress - A British Bill of Rights? We already have one

September 2014

Left Foot Forward - The Tory double-think on Human Rights

August 2014

LabourList - If the Tories scrap the Human Rights Act, women will suffer

Progress - Our human rights are under threat 

July 2014

Progress - Stop the rush to mass surveillance

LabourList - Surveillance – do MPs really know what they’re voting for?

Left Foot Forward - Labour must never turn its back on human rights

June 2014

Progress - Labour’s human rights dilemma

Left Foot Forward - We have an opportunity to build a positive legacy for women and girls in Afghanistan

April 2014

Left Foot Forward - We’re failing to win the argument on human rights

LabourList - The fight to defend the Human Rights Act is on

March 2014

Progress - Rethinking counter-terrorism – the local dimension

Progress - Rethinking counter-terrorism – small wars

LabourList - Labour is breaking from the past on civil liberties

Left Foot Forward - What the ‘War on Terror’ could have been like

February 2014

Progress - Rethinking counter-terrorism – lessons from Iraq

Progress - Rethinking counter-terrorism – drones and targeted killings

December 2013

Left Foot Forward - GCHQ and mass spying – it’s time for Labour to have a conversation

November 2013

Progress - Snowden, GCHQ, and the launch of LCHR

October 2013

Compass - Our human rights are under attack

August 2013

LabourList - Introducing the Labour Campaign for Human Rights

Progress - Human rights challenges for a Labour Government