Statement on EHRC Report: Investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party

Statement on EHRC Report: Investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party UNLISTED

Antisemitism is above all a human rights issue. It is a form of racism and discrimination which has, in recent history, led to genocide and world war, and is still present for many Jewish people in their dayto-day lives. It is vile, repulsive and anathema to the causes of equality and human rights. 

Last year we raised our concerns about the real and ongoing issue of antisemitism within the Labour Party, and called on the leadership to: (1) work in an open and co-operative manner with the EHRC investigation; and (2) take the necessary steps to introduce a new – independent and transparent - disciplinary process to deal swiftly, effectively and fairly with antisemitism cases. We called on Labour to treat the antisemitism crisis as a human rights issue.

Today the EHRC has published its report. We are deeply ashamed by the findings and this is, as Keir Starmer has said, a day of shame for our Party. It is clear that Labour has failed Jewish people and the Jewish community. This has caused untold pain and grief to those who trusted us.

It goes without saying that we consider that these findings are unimpeachable. The EHRC is an independent statutory body charged with safeguarding and enforcing equality laws, and the report is the product of an extensive and detailed investigation.

We welcome Keir Starmer’s commitment to accept the findings in full, and his determination to remove antisemitism from the Party. This work has already started, but we have the chance to start afresh today. We must ensure that this truly spells the end of this scourge that has blighted our Party, and focus on rebuilding trust with the Jewish Labour Movement and the entire Jewish community.

As the Labour Campaign for Human Rights, we are dedicated to keeping human rights at the heart of Labour policy and practice. This means a zero-tolerance approach to antisemitism within the Party. We hope that Labour will never again be the subject of an investigation by the EHRC for breaches of the Equality Act 2010.

We stand in solidarity with the Jewish community today.