Event: ‘GCHQ and the fight against terrorism: does UK surveillance go too far?’

Event: ‘GCHQ and the fight against terrorism: does UK surveillance go too far?’Panel discussion followed by Q&A.

Tuesday 17 December, 6:15pm-8pm. Committee Room 6, Houses of Parliament.


  • Alan Rusbridger, Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian newspaper
  • Sir David Omand, former Director of GCHQ
  • George Howarth MP, Labour member of the Intelligence and Security Committee
  • Diana Johnson MP, Labour Shadow Home Affairs Minister
  • Katy Clark MP, Labour Party
  • Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia
  • Andrew Noakes (Chair), Chair of the Labour Campaign for Human Rights

As Edward Snowden’s revelations about the spying activities of US and UK intelligence services continue to cause controversy on both sides of the Atlantic, the Labour Campaign for Human Rights would like to invite you to an event exploring what the limits should be to UK surveillance in the fight against terrorism.

GCHQ’s ambitious ‘Tempora’ data surveillance programme has proved to be one of the most controversial secrets revealed by Snowden. The programme is said to collect and store the Internet data of millions of people, including UK citizens. This includes facebook messages, emails, skype calls, and personal Internet history.

Some MPs have expressed deep concern about Tempora and the alleged lack of effective parliamentary oversight of UK intelligence agencies. But others have defended the programme and instead attacked the Guardian newspaper for its role in publishing the Snowden revelations, accusing it of endangering national security.

At this event, we ask our panel whether UK surveillance has gone too far, or whether we are being too protective of our privacy in light of the security threats we face.

If you are coming from outside Parliament, please use the Cromwell Green entrance and allow 20 minutes to pass through security.

This event is public and open to everyone. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to [email protected]