Alannah Travers - Non-Executive Director

Alannah Travers is a British-German journalist focused on Iraq, interested in politics, personal stories, and the human impact of a disproportionately heating climate in the Middle East. She lives between Berlin and Erbil, and has been published in outlets including Al Jazeera, The New Humanitarian, and Rudaw English, where she previously worked as a desk editor and reporter, covering Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and the Kurdistan Region. She also edits copy and writes news summaries for the Iraq Advisory Council, and the German organisation GIZ, and has recently completed a project for the think-tank MERI, coordinating and recording the Iraq Forum conference, held in Baghdad. Alannah has also taken consultancy work for the Erbil-based Coalition for Just Reparations (C4JR), co-ordinating an alliance of NGOs calling for comprehensive reparations for survivors of ISIS atrocity crimes. She graduated from Durham University (History BA Hons) in 2018.