So, what has the HRA ever done for us?

Since being passed in 1998, the HRA has protected rights across the board, from care home residents being protected from having their homes closed without consultation to protecting the victims of rape and sexual assault from serial predators like John Worboys. It has been used to protect vulnerable young women suffering from mental health difficulties and abuse. And it has been the HRA that has empowered the families of British servicemen in Iraq to hold the government to account for failing our soldiers on the front line.
A handful of cases have become totemic for human rights sceptics everywhere. Across Europe and beyond, xenophobia and nationalism is reasserting itself. But we cannot allow this reaction to lead our nation to reject human rights. Protecting human rights is more important than ever and the HRA is the last line of defence in Britain’s constitutional capacity to protect individual liberties. The Conservative plans to ‘update’ the HRA could slash the hard-fought protections that a cross-party coalition instigated and a Labour government incorporated into domestic law. This change would take us back 50 years and undermine the essential rights and freedoms that were bitterly fought for and won after years of war.

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